Love, Peace & Poké

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"Love, Peace & Poké" is a good example of a modern Viennese small business that has dedicated itself to the exotic cuisine of Hawaii. "Expand your market" means a way to expand your business. The inviting arched counter in the Donauzentrum should be extended by an website.

It quickly became clear that it could not stay with a new website. A scalable shop solution that can grow with the needs and desires of the guests and customers of "Love, Peace & Poké" was announced.

In addition, maintaining the website and the webshop must be easy for the customer.

Customer Benefit

The new website designed by Neuherz now has a webshop that is expandable and responsive. Responsive design means that different devices, such as smartphones, tablets or desktops, each receive optimized web content. Since Google has now declared the mobile version of a website the most important version in terms of search results, responsive is an elementary feature of any new website.

The food order is simple and convenient. The invoice can be paid via the payment system integrated in the online shop or during collection.

All social media activities are shown bundled on the new website. A special service for website visitors, because the website always provides up-to-date information - at a glance.


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Expensive Web Site Maintenance Was Yesterday - From the Original Blogger Tool Wordpress has become the most successful content management system (CMS) in the world. A perfect solution for SMEs that is easy and intuitive to use. This saves time, money and nerves and due to the high prevalence, many employees can work with the system. A global developer community is constantly providing broad support for the system, which is slowly but surely becoming an industry standard.

Wordpress besitzt zudem ein integrierbares Shop-System – WooCommerce. WooCommerce ein ausgereiftes System, das wenige Wünsche offenlässt. WooCommerce beherrscht verschiedenste Produktbestellmöglichkeiten bis hin zu durch den Kunden konfigurierbaren Produkten, zielgruppenspezifische Preise, verschiedenste Versandarten, unterschiedliche Versandkosten, Rabatte und vieles mehr.

The adaptability goes so far in "Love, Peace & Poké" that orders can only be placed during opening hours. WooCommerce works with a variety of payment systems - in the case of "Love, Peace & Poké" with PayPal and


The Neuherz-added value: The chopsticks packaging

As a packaging specialist, Neuherz was able to provide his expertise for a small but fine addon project. Poké is eaten with chopsticks and the design, layout and production work for the packaging was done by Neuherz. The chopsticks packaging is now available in five variants. Thus, the culinary experience in "Love, Peace & Poké" is best supported.

Stylistically, there is one more thing to say: E'ai kaua! (Good Appetite!)