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Henkel is an international group and accompanies many of us through our daily lives with its host of well-known brands and much-loved products. Persil, Fewa, Somat, Lysoform, Schwarzkopf and Loctite to name but a few.

With Lifetimes,Henkel sets the stage for its clients to present products and innovations in an exciting online context. A magazine, combined with a guidebook, a regular newsletter and a recipe community all create a useful online platform covering the topic of family and household. This serves to develop and establish a strong customer connection between Henkel and its end customers.

Due to the uncomplicated structure of the website, users can quickly find their way around and easily get to information. They can also use services such as competitions. Images and text complement each other perfectly. Brands are present, but are put in a wider context.

Customer Benefit

Henkel-Lifetimes.at doesn’t just inform its customers about product innovations and product trends in Henkel’s range of products. It also manages to get directly involved away from retail using competitions and test activities. The recipe community don’t just get excited about cooking recipes, they also interact directly via evaluations and comments. That is how Henkel manages to have direct contact with its customers.

Using a workflow mapped in the system, individual product managers work directly with the agency without any trouble. That keeps communication lines short and creates appropriate output to introduce and promote product innovations via competitions and test activities in the community.


The henkel-lifetimes.at website is based on TYPO3. In addition to the platform conception and design, Neuherz had the task of adapting the CMS to the client’s wishes and tasks.

TYPO3 is a CMS that is characterised by its flexibility and adaptability, and workflows can also be mapped in complex dimensions. At the same time, it is very user-friendly because the structure of the website is also mapped in the maintenance part – the so-called backend.

Neuherz has made sure that the website is geared not just for desktop but also for smartphone and tablet. This so-called ‘responsive design’ is obligatory these days because Google websites which are not optimised for mobiles go down in the rankings.

Added Value for Customers

Users profit in a number of ways. They get to find out about innovations for Henkel products straight from the horse’s mouth and can also test them in product tests. They can win in competitions. The products are also visible in a context that responds to everyday life and readers’ problems, and in the one they find themselves in. We also supply the content in the form of articles for the magazine and guidebook.

Henkel Lifetimes Online

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