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D.E.G. - Döltl Elektroinstallationen GmbH, hereinafter called ‘deg-elektro’, is a handicraft business based in Ottakring currently employing around 40 staff.  Its customers are mostly property management companies and businesses from trade and industry, such as Haus des Meeres. deg-elektro is characterised by its high standards of quality in the planning and sustainability of implementation.

The company’s continual growth has meant that professionalising its communication towards its main target groups – property management companies and commercial firms – was unavoidable. To do this, Richard Döltl, the owner, took Neuherz on board as an expert partner.

The project began with the reworking of the logos and corporate design. It then moved onto car fleet lettering and the relaunch of the website.  “Certainty from the expert”: this motto determines the communication and perfectly expresses the standard of quality. Ultimately, it is the company staff who are the standard of quality. It was, therefore, only logical to put the deg-elektroteam very much at the centre of the website.

Customer Benefit

deg elektro got a complete communication relaunch and is now able to present itself to the outside world in a modern, fresh and business-like way. Professionally designed project and staff photos play a key role in this. An image often says more than a thousand words and creates trust.

Keeping the website up-to-date, which is a high priority for the client, and the company staff, who form an additional communication centre, both make it possible for the company to have client relationships based on trust. The client knows at a glance who they are dealing with.

An exciting side-effect of the website’s communications line is the fact that the staff are strengthened through their presence on the web. That, in turn, has a positive impact on the team structure.


The website was developed using WordPress CMS (content management system). That makes it easy and quick for the client to maintain its contents. That is an important aspect to consider when keeping an online presence up-to-date.

We carried out training for the staff involved with the website and created a maintenance handbook specially for the website. Furthermore, by choosing WordPress, we selected the most widely used CMS. A lot of people already know what they are doing with WordPress. For mid-sized and small companies, it is beneficial if staff already know how to use it. Secondly, there is a large developer community, which makesWordPress increasingly more powerful and user-friendly.

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Furthermore, an information brochure was designed in order to present DEG's services, references and customers in a clearly arranged form, available offline.