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The team at TMC – The Media Consultants – headed by Markus Hartl advises the media, agencies and advertisers on all media-related matters. The old homepage no longer served to meet the needs of the company, customers, or search engines. It was necessary to update the former web presence.

An attractive, linear design, clear layout, modern technology and maintainability of all content by TMC were the key requirements. The project was therefore all about transforming a web business card into a small but refined company website.

Customer benefits

The new company website was created following the above concept. It is a website capable of handling current and future tasks. Using the CMS (=Content Management System) the customer can keep the website up-to-date as well as maintain the structure and content of the site, including text, images and video, independently.

As a special add-on, having its own glossary not only gives visitors better clarity but also increases the site’s relevance with search engines. Many important key words from TMC’s field are listed and described here.


Responsive design means adapting how the website is displayed to the device being used. Responsive design is now a must-have for Google rankings. Encrypted transmission of content is equally important. Websites that fail to take these parameters into account will lose their Google ranking.

These needs can no longer be met without a modern CMS. This is why a solution based on the Wordpress CMS is ideal for many small and medium-sized businesses. For some time now Wordpress has been a standard tool for websites. Not only does it provide planning security, it also makes working with the CMS extremely easy. Up-to-date online content is also a key criteria for users and search engines.

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