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The customer Maximarkt wants to expand its party service offer and market it with a new communication strategy. For this reason, the Partybrezn was taken from the party service assortment and expanded to its own service with the name MYPARTYBREZN.

Filled giant pretzels are a popular party snack and are always well received due to their impressive size. It was time to offer a simple online version to make ordering easier. In addition, a 'Brezn configurator' has been added, with which customers can now also compile their own creations.


There are 7 MYPARTYBREZN services in Austria. They offer a selection of predefined giant pretzels and pastries, the so-called classics.

If the standard variants leave too many wishes unfulfilled, the heart of the website can be put into action: the 'Brezn configurator'. With it, the customer can put together his 'Brezn favourite'. This is divided into sections and offers a lot more possibilities than the classics.

As a special extra, pretzel numbers are also possible for occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.


Well practiced bakery crafts, natural ingredients and fresh preparation are not the only things that characterise the maxi.backstube, there is also the application of these values to all design elements. In this way, the design reflects the high values of MYPARTYBREZN.  

With the configurator, great importance was placed on simplicity, clarity and usability.  The ordering process always remains simple and easy to correct.

The website MYPARTYBREZN.AT relies on WordPress in connection with the plugin WooCommerce for its shop solution. The configurator was programmed directly by Neuherz using PHP and JavaScript.

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Customer benefits

As a design and digital agency, Neuherz was able to take over and supervise the entire project. Thus, the elements to be printed and the screen elements were designed to match each other.

For Neuherz, this meant coordinating the entire market image, starting with the logo, on through the visual appearance right up to the packaging and the website. The entire branding and technical implementation come from a single source.

The Neuherz extra value

As a packaging specialist, it is obvious that there is extra benefit to be had in this area. The challenge was the enormous size of the packaging.

There is another aspect that counts as Neuherz extra value: Neuherz as a ONE-STOP AGENCY for their customers.

The entire project was created by Neuherz, in close collaboration with the customer.